Sunday, 30 December 2018

Top 10 pots of 2018

Hi loves! It's time to share with you my top 10 post of 2018. These are the posts you guys have read the most.

The most read post of 2019 is review on BonMerité Radiant Glow Body Cream (link) and it got 572 views. This is so delicious body cream for this time of the year. It will keep you skin looking healthy and hydrated.

On the second place is Natura Siberica -30˚C Cold Mask (link) with 543 views. This is one of the most unique masks I have tried and I love it had cooling effect.

On the third place is Bellapierre Contour & Highlight Cream Palette (link) with 505 views. This palette makes contouring the face so easy and I find cream contouring shades are easier to blend out. It's perfect for beginners ;)

On the fourth spot is Ontic Minerals Rice Mineral Veil in Matte (link) with 486 views. This is one of my favorite setting powders. It makes my skin feel so smooth and its all natural, which is why I like it even more.

On the fifth place is Signe Seebid Strawberry Vanilla Powder Mask (link) with 485 views. I love powder masks, because these are so travel friendly. This is so beautiful mask and makes my skin feel so smooth.

On sixth place is the Lumi Refreshing Birch Mist (link) with 395 views. Lumi is natural beauty brand from Estonia and its so good mist to use in the morning, specially when the weather is warm. So refreshing!

On seventh place is post on Best Natural Beauty in 2017 (link) with 368 views. These are all the products I discovered in 2017 and just fell in love. I have makeup, skincare and body care favorites in that post. 

On the eight place is Ontic Minerals OnticPro Soft Shimmer Duo (link) with 356 views. Its also natural brand and this is one of the most prettiest highlighters I own, so gorgeous.

On the ninth place is Bioxidea Covering Imperial Extract Cleansing Gel (link) with 311 views. This cleansing gel is bit different, which made it so unique and I did enjoy using it.

On tenth place is my first Ontic Minerals Haul (link) with 295 views. It's one of my favorite mineral makeup brands. I do love their blushes and the shimmer duo I mentioned above is just the best.

This is it for this post! I hope to do better with blogging next year. I did not post as much on this blog in 2018, but I wanna start testing out more natural beauty brands and bring you new reviews every week :)

Thank you so much for reading! xo's

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Review: Mulac Hairlab

Hi loves! Long time no see :) I hope form now on I'm able to blog more often on this blog. This year I tried out first time Mulac Cosmetics. Its an Italian brand established on April 2014 by Cindy, who is a beauty influencer in Italy. Most of their products have 90% natural ingredients.

I have 3 items from their Hairlab: Clean Berry 10 (250ml, €8.90), Creme Berry 10 (200ml, €13.90) and Huileberry 10 (100ml, €19.90).

Clean Berry 10 (link) is intensive nourishing shampoo and it doesn't contain any silicons. Its formulated with 10 oils, which provide nourishment to the hair. It helps to moisturize the hair fibers in depth and makes the hair soft and shin.

I do like this shampoo a lot. It makes my hair so soft and I can really feel and see its hydrated, specially when I had long hair. 

The only issue I have with this product is the packaging. I do like the bottle and the label. It all looks beautiful and well made, but this product doesn't have a pump. I have to pour it out from the bottle and I find it extremely annoying. I always end up pouring out too much and waisting some of the product. I would love it, if it came with a pump. It would make it more user friendly.
Creme Berry 10 (link) is tick nourishing hair mask, which come in a tub and has the same lilac packaging as the rest of the line has. I don't mind too much this type of packaging, because the product is thicker and its easy to scoop out the right amount of product.

This is also formulated with out any silicons and it gives to the hair strength and elasticity. Also helps to fight agains frizz.

I use this treatment in towel dry hair and when I had long hair I applied it generously. Now days I have short hair and I use way less product. I leave it in for few minutes and then rinse it out and my hair is the softest thing ever. There is way less frizz and my hair is so much easier to manage.

I think I haven't mentioned, but this hair range smells so good and delicious.

Huileberry 10 (link) comes in gorgeous glass bottle and has a dropper. It looks so luxe! This is a blend of 10 natural oils, which nourish, repair and protect the hair fibers. Before I had long hair, which was a month ago, I used this product twice a day. I have natural dry hair, so I need the hydration, plus my hair was and still is color treated. I do have short hair, but I still time to time add it in my hair and it makes it so soft.

I used to use 3 drops one side and 3 drops on other side. It made  my long hair frizz free, easy to comb, soft and added shine to it. Now I use 3 drops all together and I use it in my wet hair. It can be used in dry or wet hair, as you prefer. Another perk at least for me about this item is the scent. It smells so good and it makes your hair smell so good. I didn't noticed it before, till my mom dried it and when she walked past me I noticed the scent. 

I'm so happy I ended up getting this hair range. I still have yet to try the dry shampoo from the range. But I think its going to be as amazing as rest of the products. You can check the range out for yourself here.

Have you tried Mulac before?

Thank you for reading! xo's