Friday, 15 June 2018

Review: Bellápierre Shimmer 9 Stack | Glamorous

Hi loves! Sorry for missing last week's post, but my life is crazy at the moment. I have hard time keeping up with my other blog and I just feel stressed. But this week I took time off and here I am with a new review. Today we are talking about Bellápierre Shimmer 9 Stack in Glamorous ($90.00) and I have reviewed one before, which where their Shimmer Powders (review). 

The Glamour 9 Stack contains only glitters. There is 9 glitters, which come in a clear packaging and they are stacked up on each other. Its a great way to store it and to travel with it, because it doesn't make a mess. I haven't had any issues using it. If you are afraid of a mess when working with loose glitters or eyeshadows, put a towel under the shadows when you open them, so when something does come out it will go on the towel.

I love the shades they have included in this set. There is something for every occasion. There is light shades and also more bold shades. With these there is a change you get fall out, so use them before you do your face makeup. I use NYX Glitter primer to apply these and a tamp flat eyeshadow brush. The glitter primer has tacky base and the glitter stays on and doesn't move around. I also used it on swatches which you can see down below.

I usually go more to the lighter shades, because the bolder ones are too strong for day time :D Yes, I wear glitter in my everyday life. If I wait for special occasion I can't wear it as much as I want. I love the selection of this set and if you are looking a good glitter set I would recommend it. I know its pricy, but I trust Bellápierre as a company and I haven't had any issues with any of their products, including these glitters. If you are interested you can check it out here.

Thank you for reading! xo's


  1. well nice colors of glitters! but $90 for those 9 colors it a bit too expensive i guess :(

    1. The price is bit different depending where you are. In the USA its $90, but in Estonia its around 50 euros. But I agree $90 is expencieve x