Sunday, 24 September 2017

Review: Signe Seebid Body Scrub | Orange

Hi loves! I'm back with another review and this week I have for you Signe Seebid Body Scrub with Orange (200g, 9.40 EUR). They make 100% natural beauty products and Signe Seebid is from Estonia.

The scrub comes in a glass jar and the product is so natural, that you can use the jar to store jam after the product is over. It doesn't contain any artificial fragrances, preservatives or toners.

This is sugar scrub and its chunky, which is my kind of a scrub. I like how well it cleanses my skin and gets all the dead skin cells and dirt off. Its also very hydrating, if you have dry skin (specially on winter) you will love it. When I use this scrub, I skip the shower gel, because it cleanses the skin so well. 

This is Orange flavor is delicious and wakes me up, when I use it in the mornings. The scrub smells good in the shower, but the scent doesn't linger on my skin too long, which I like, because I can go in with my parfume. 

Ingredients: Sucrose (sugar), Vitis vinifera (grape seed oil), glycerin (vegetable), tocopherol (vitamin E), Citrus sinensis (sweet orange ether oil).

I'm so happy with this scrub and I want to try more of their scrubs and other bath products. This smells amazing and I love the fact I don't need to hydrate my skin after the shower. It has never happened to me before. I have very dry skin on my legs and it surprised me, that my legs felt so comfortable after using it.

Its available on Kaubamaja (link) for Estonia and I did found a Finnish page, which doesn't ship outside of Finland, but when your there you can get your hands on it. Here is the link.

Thanks for reading! xo's

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