Sunday, 10 September 2017

Review: Peony Shadow Trio Eyeshadow Palette

Hi loves! How are you doing all? This week I have Peony Shadow Trio Eyeshadow Palette (3g, $18) and this is super tiny palette, which is ideal for traveling.

This little palette contains 3 shimmery eyeshadows and a mirror. There is no space waisted and I like how convenient it is to take with me on the go.

The formula of it is 73.5% natural and is formulated with out mineral oil, parabens, phthalates and is also fragrance free. These shadows are long wear (up to 8 hours) and thats because of the coated colour pigments. It also contains pure kaolin clay, which absorbs oil and its also not tested on animals.

Its a little nude palette and you all know how I feel about these :) These all are shimmery shadows. I would have liked the dark brown to be matte. Its just me, I need a matte shadow in the crease. These are all pigmented, some more then others. I feel the lightest shade is the least pigmented, but its not bad. Its just not as intense as the shimmery bronze.

I did create a look yesterday with this trio and I deed need to use one extra shadow in the crease (lighter brown). You can see the look here. I'm really happy how it came out. The shadows blend easily and was so easy to work with. I always use primer under my every look and this was no exception. These shadows stayed on me all day (longer then 8 hours) and there was no creasing or fading.

I overall like this trio (I got it in a beauty box), but I do find it bit over priced for what it is. I add bit more money and I can go and buy something from Urban Decay or I go to drugstore and can get something cheaper with the same quality. I wouldn't feel that way, maybe if all the shadows would be super pigmented, like nothing seen before. That would be something and I would be more okay with the price point. If you are interested in the brand I'll link their page here.

Thanks for reading! xo's


  1. I have never heard of this product before! enjoyed reading. It does seem expensive for what it is!
    Chlo xx