Sunday, 12 February 2017

Top 5 favorite Aïcha products

Hi loves! Today I have for you my top 5 Aïcha products, which I all have purchased with my own money. There is no affiliate links and its not sponsored in any way.

Lets start with skincare items and first is their Anti-Aging Argan Cream (50ml, review). All the ingredients are natural in it and its wonderful base for makeup application. After applying it, it leaves my skin matte and my makeup goes on so much better. Also it can be used in the evenings and I like to add few drops beauty oil in it for more hydration and nourishment for the night time.

My other favorite is their Pure Organic Argan Oil (50ml, review), which can be used on hair, body and remove the makeup. I use it only to remove my makeup and when traveling I do use it to hydrate my skin as well. It nourishes my eye area and melts away all my makeup, even the suborn eyeliner.

Now lets continue with hair care items and first is their Hair Treatment Serum (30ml, review) with argan oil. Its the first item I have tried from them and I have already used up 2 bottles and I do need to buy a new one. It is better then any hair oil. It gives my hair shine, takes care of the frizz and makes it feel softer. I also like it doesn't make my hair as oily then a hair oil would, so I don't need to wash my hair so often. I have naturally dry hair and this has been something I use every day.

My last two favorites from the brand is their Argan Shampoo (330ml) & Conditioner (300ml, review), which is with pro vitamin B5. It cleanses my hair well, but doesn't dry out my hair or my scalp. The conditioner makes my hair silky and soft. It just wonderful duo and my mom got me on it. According to her its the best shampoo and conditioner she has ever tried and I have to agree with her. I always come back to it :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post :) If you have any questions leave them down below. You can find all the products on Aïcha's webpage, which you can access here.

Thank you for reading! xo's


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