Monday, 7 November 2016

Review: Vestige Verdant Infinity Eye Serum

Hi loves! Today I have for you Vestige Verdant Infinity Eye Serum (20 ml, 49 EUR). Its an Estonian brand and their products are natural and also organic.

I was so excited to try this brand out :) The serum comes in a plastic tube and has a metal applicator to apply the product. I like the applicator part and its perfect when ever my under eyes are bit puffy. Other then that I don't like anything about the packaging. I do like the outside design, its clean and stylish. Now to get the product out I need to pump it out and it shoots it God know where. I have to put my finger in front of it so I actually can use the product. I find it so annoying! If you design something and ask so much money, it should be user friendly. I would have liked it to be in a squeeze tube , so I can squeeze the product out.

This serum fits all skin types and the formula feels light weight and it sinks into the skin fast. Its great, because whenever I pump out the serum and I do try to get out few as possible of the product, its still too much. I also don't like the packaging because I end up waisting this precious serum.

I have bee using it now over a month and I do like it. It contains bioactive Flavonoid Glycosides, Cherry Extract and Vitamin C, and these all help elasticity production and  natural collagen boosts provides de-buffing effect.

It claims to reduce dark circles and improves skin texture. Also reduces wrinkles, fine lines and tightens everything. It also provides hydration for my under eye area. It does deal with my fine lines really well and its also tightening.  

I think the serum itself is amazing! Now I will not repurchase it till they fix the packaging. I just can't deal with it and its not like it has a low price tag. Other then that its fantastic serum and I also like how it smells ;)

If you want to check out this serum or any of their other product, you can do it here.

Have you ever tried this serum before or any of their other products?

Thanks for reading! xo's

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