Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Beauty Haul: Ontic Minerals, Joik, balance me

Hi loves! This week I have for you little haul, which contains bit of makeup and body care items :) When I visited Estonia, I did ended up getting some mineral makeup from brand called Ontic Minerals. I loved the highlighter from them so much (review), that I wanted to try more. So first I picked up their Mineral Blush in shade P04 Girls Powder (3 g). The shade of it looks so pretty and is perfect for pale skin tone, like mine (the swatches of everything is down below).

Then I did got two of their Mineral Eyeshadows and I picked up shades E24 Mamma Cholly and E38 Best Friends Forever (2 g). Mineral eyeshadow can be sometimes messy to use, but there is something about it. I feel mineral makeup always offers more interesting shades, when it comes to eyeshadow. The first shade I picked up is E24 and its warm red orange shade, which will be perfect for this time of the year. The other eyeshadow, E38  is almost white, but more to the cream side and has beautiful golden sheen to it.

R to L: Eye shadow shades E38, E24, Mineral Veil, Mineral Blush

The last item I got from them is their Mineral Veil and its in shade R2 Translucent (6 g). Its a setting powder and it does have some sheen to it, so It would be perfect for setting my under eye area. On the swatch I build it up a lot, so you guys would be able to see how it looks. 

I also got Joik Citrus Bath Truffles (310 g), which where in my wishlist, I'll link it here, if you haven't seen it yet. I was thinking these would smell more citrus, but the scent of it is not strong at all, which in away is better I guess. I bet the scent of it comes out more, once I use it in my bath water. 

The last item in this haul is something I picked up in TK Maxx and its balance me Super Moisturising Body Wash (200 ml). I was sold on the moisturizing part, because this time of the year my skin is getting dryer and hot shower is not helping either, so using more hydrating body wash seems the way to go and 99% ingredients in it are natural.  

This is it for this haul :) Have you guys tried any of these products before? If you have, let me know in the comments how you liked these. Also there is a giveaway going on my other blog, which you can check out here

Thanks for reading! xo's


  1. I just love Joik products, especially their candles, smells so good... xx


    1. I have yet to try their candles, but I adore their body lotions x