Monday, 1 August 2016

Beauty Haul: Olivolio Botanics, Olivia, Mastic Spa

Hi loves! Today I have for you natural beauty haul and all the products mentioned here are from Greece. I had no idea how many natural beauty brands Greece has to offer. I picked up most of the products from a store called Natura Greca (link, they had that time I was there 20% off). They were so helpful when I wanted to check out every brand they had in store and the selection was huge. Its located in Rhodes, which is gorgeous place for vacation and shopping new skincare ;)

I picked up 3 products from brand called Olivolio Botanics. First 2 items are from their Argan Oil range and you guys already know how much I love beauty products with argan oil in it. I got their 100% Moroccan Organic Argan Oil Hair Mask (250 ml, 10.90 EUR - full price) and its for all hair types and promise to nourish and hydrate the hair. I like on package their say the product is made of dreams :)

The second item from the same argan range is a skincare item and I got their Restoring & Firming Serum (30 ml, 22.90 EUR), which is also with 100% Moroccan Organic Argan Oil. Its not tested on animals and it promises to give long lasting hydration, which my skin needs at the moment. I totally got burned on the beach :/ My skin can't take Greece sun for 5 hours.

The last item from the brand is a body butter and its their Donkey Milk (250 ml, 14.90), which smelled so good in the store that I needed it! Its extra moisturizing body butter, which fits all skin types.

Then I picked up a face mask from brand called Mastic Spa and its their Deep Hydra Mask (50 ml). Its for 27+ and its for dehydrated skin. My skin is more oily, but when I picked it up I had sunburn and my skin felt really dry. I'll let you guys know once I have try it. I like its peel off mask, it makes it bit different then other hydrating masks I have tried.

These next items I picked up in a pharmacy, but the brand is available in the store I picked up other items. I went in for sunscreen and ended up buying some body care items as well. My first pick was Olivia Beauty & The Olive Tree Shower Gel (300 ml). I have already used it and absolutely love it! Its rich with vitamin E and the formula is gentle to the skin.

The next item is from the same brand its also for body. I picked their Ultra Lightweight & Hydrating Creamy Body Butter Melon & Pepper (200 ml, 8 EUR). Its sounds interesting, but I can't even imagine how the scent is and I don't want to open it before I use up my other body cream. Its going to be a surprise for me :D 

The last 2 items are also from Olivia and its their Shampoo for norma hair (300 ml, it was in a gift set with the shower gel and was around 14 EUR) and Conditioner for dry and dehydrated hair (300 ml, 8 EUR). 

I feel I got something for every part of my body, but there was so much more to try. I did hold myself back with the shopping, but I'll definitely go back, if its not available where I'm located. Greece also has to offer good food and the weather was amazing! I have lived in Netherlands/Belgium so long that, when there is more then 3 days blue sky it surprises me. 

Anyway, I hope you guys like this post and I'll see you in my next one!

Thanks for reading! xo's


  1. Greece is on my bucket list! These products sound amazing and I need to check if I can get them shipped here. Thanks for the review and the website details :)

  2. I've never tryed any of this products but they seem very nice and I will definitely try to get my hands on this :)