Sunday, 8 April 2018

Review: Signe Seebid Rose Crystal Deodorant

Hi loves! Today's post is on Signe Seebid Rose Crystal Deodorant (50ml, 15.00€).

The deodorant comes in a blue glass bottle and has sprayer, which sprays out even amount of product. It doesn't contain any artificial colorants, fragrance or preservatives. Its all natural deodorant from Estonia. 

It contains crystal salt, which creates anti-bacterial environment and doesn't let odor bacterial to grow. Their alum stone is from natural source (volcanic origins). The rose geranium essential oil supports skin regeneration process and provides protection.

Ingredients: water, alum stone, geranium essential oil

How to use: Spray it on and let it dry before putting on close. I haven't got any marks on cloths, but I still like it to be dry before I continue. It does dry down fast. 

It definetly gives me protection of the odor and I smell like roses through out the day, but I still sweat. It doesn't stop that, now I just smell like roses, which I don't mind. I feel with this deodorant my underarm area can breath and its better for the skin.

If you are looking for new deodorant, which is natural, its worth checking out. I love the smell of it and I know I wont be smelling bad through out the day. If you are interested, I link it here (they deliver in EU).

Do you like natural deodorants?

Thank you for reading! xo's


  1. Great post and photos!
    Have a lovely day!

    Tsukiakari from

  2. I've never tried natural deodorants but this one looks great:*:)