Friday, 26 January 2018

Review: Béllapierre Shimmer 9 Stack: Fabulous

Hi loves! This week I'll share with you guys something awesome from Béllapierre. I have finally ready to review their Shimmer 9 Stack in Fabulous ($90.00). This contains their 9 shimmer powders, which are loose shadows. All the shadows are stacked up on top of each other, so I can only open one at the time, but I like I can see them all at once and its compact, perfect for traveling ;)

I'll be showing a close up of all 9 shadows in this tower, because it didn't photograph very well when its all stacked up. Anyway you'll find the swaches down below.

These are all super pigmented pigments and perfect to glam up any eye look. I like to use these with glitter primer from NYX. Its also what I used on the swatches to make it stick better. Its just so much easier to use the pigments that way.

I have been wearing them on and off for sometime now and I really do love these as a lid color. The colors here are fun and bright. These also work well together and blend into each other easily and these also work well with other powder shadows in my collection.

The staying power of these shadows is amazing. I apply it in the morning and in the evening it looks as good as in morning. 

This set is pricy number (I bought it in Estonia and it was way less, I think it was around 50 euros), but it will last me very long time and it just makes me wanna use more color and get out of my comfort zone. If you have read my other blog Pink Frenzy (link) sometime then you know how much I'm stuck in my nudes. I need some color in my life! I think everyone needs for special occasion. Anyway down below you can see swatches of the four shadows above.

  • Desire - is shiny pitch pink. I like its not too light.
  • Hurly Burly - is gorgeous shimmery purple. 
  • Ocean - is a bight icy baby blue. Here is a look I did with it.
  • Provence - is a shimmery light purple.

Lets take a closer look of the other shadows in this stack. I'm sorry guys this post is so super long. But I love how pretty the shadows look in their little homes.

  • Reluctance -  is golden olive green. Its so stunning shade and here is a look I did with it.
  • Discoteque - is a brilliant light golden green. Its a perfect shade for fall.
  • Tropic - is bright green. I really wanna do cut crease eye look with it.
  • Celebration - is a gorgeous golden copper and here is a look I did with it.
  • Cinnabar - is shimmery red.

I'm so happy with these shadows. I have another 9 stack from them, which contains only glitters. I need to work with it bit more and then it will be up here. Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know your favorite mineral makeup brand.

If you are interested in this set, you can find it here.

Thank you for reading! xo's


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