Friday, 12 January 2018

Best Natural Beauty in 2017

Hi loves! Last year went by me so fast and in the beginning of every year I like to do ultimate favorites post. I haven't done any of natural beauty faves, so its time to share all the fantastic products I tried in 2017.


I have been loving Ontic Minerals and I tried so much from the last year. One of my favorites are their Mineral Bronzers and I have shade Sunblessed and Chocolicious (3g, 18.95€, review). These blend like a dream on skin and give the look of natural tan, at the same time both of these give a natural glow to the skin. Both shades are absolutely gorgeous and worth checking out, if you wanna try natural cosmetics or are on a market for new bronzer. 
Continuing with Ontic Minerals, I have also added new Mineral Eyeshadows from them in my collection (review). Their eyeshadows are beautiful, specially the loose eyeshadows. They are intense, blendable and the packaging is awesome (there is no mess when using these). Hopefully I can add more colors into my collection this year. They do have some fun colors as well, which I have my eye on. I try to add more color into my looks and not just wear nudes ;)
Next is also Estonian brand and its Le'Maagi. Last year I tried their Eyeshadow in shade 24K Gold (review). The formula of this shadow is one of the best I have tried. It feels so creamy to the touch and the pigmentation of it is out of this world. What you see in the pan is what you get on the lid. I don't own any other eyeshadow, which preforms so well and looks so intense. It makes me wanna get every single shadow they make and see if all their shadows are so brilliant.

Next fave is from Bellapierre Cosmetics and its their Mineral Lipstick in shade Catwalk (review). The shade Catwalk is perfect everyday pinky nude. It goes well with any eye look, feels comfortable on lips and its long lasting for creamy lipstick. I already have picked up few more shades into my collection, which I'll share with you guys this year for sure, keep an eye out for that ;)


Lets continue with skincare faves and this year I didn't find many products to obsess over. One this, which is unique and worth mentioning is  Domina Elegans Golden Beauty Mask (review). This is a gel mask, which bubbles up when applied and get out all the dirt from the skin. I could feel it and my skin looked and felt amazing after using it (its also Estonian beauty brand). I have one of their other masks to try, but this is in my list of skincare items I wanna repurchase.

Next 2 items are from Aïcha and both have been new finds. I love their Cream Milk Cleanser and Salt Face Scrub (review). Both products are gentle to the skin. The cleanser is such a nice step in the morning to cleanse the skin and I love it doesn't dry out my skin and this applies to both products. If I want more hydration I remove the cleanser with toner. The scrub is brilliant as well. It gently remove off all the dirt and leaves my skin soft, smooth and hydrated. With both of these products I haven't felt any uncomfortable tightness on skin, which happens with so many other cleanser.  

Hair & Body:

Best hair care find this year is Blessix Hair Silk + Vitamins (review). This is also Estonian beauty brand, which I discovered when I was in Ilu Mess (its Estonian beauty event).  This is used on wet hair, before blowdrying. This gem provides hydration to the hair and also protects against the heat. Every time I use it my hair looks so shiny, healthy and its so much easier to tame it. My hair can be hard to work with, because its naturally dry and wavy. 

I have also used it on dry hair and that way it also works for me. It instantly hydrates, gives it shine and makes in manageable. I feel like I don't need to use as much hair oil when I have this hair spray in my routine.
The last awesome natural beauty product I discovered this year is Hoia Lavender, Rosemary & Grapefruit Bodywhip (review). If you are on a lookout for good hydrating body products, this is it. This feels light weight when scooped up and turns into oil when applied on skin. It keeps my skin hydrated all day and the next day and the next day. Its best thing ever!

This is all the awesome products I discovered this year. I'm so in love with every single one and highly recommend any of these items. 

What beauty products did you discover last year?

Thank you for reading! xo's


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