Sunday, 29 October 2017

Review: Blessix Hair Silk + Vitamins

Hi loves! Last time I was in Estonia I picked up  Blessix Hair Silk + Vitamins (200ml, €14.90), you can see the haul post here. Its a new to me Estonian beauty brand, which makes natural skincare, hair and body care products. I have 2 more items from them to test out, so keep an eye on the blog for upcoming posts, but now lets continue with this review.

This is perfect for dry, weak and damaged hair. I have color treated hair, which already is dry, so I definetly need this. It contains silk, panthenol, calcium panthotenate and vitamins A, E, B8 and H. These all give hair beautiful shine, makes it smooth and hydrates. It also protects the hair from hot and could (perfect for winter). 

How to use: Before using it gently shake to bottle. On the package it says to spray into wet or slightly damp hair. It fill protect the hair from heat, if you wanna use hairdryer. 

I have used it on dry hair as well and it makes it soft and give it shine. It provides instant hydration to my hair and makes it look healthier. Also it makes my hair smell so good :)

I also have noticed with this spray, that my hair is easy to comb through whenever I use it.  Another thing to keep in mind is that it lasts only 18 months from production date. 

I'm so happy I got this product. It has been wonderful and I have noticed chances in my hair from the first use. This is perfect for dry hair type, if you are interested I'll link it here. Its at the moment out of stock, but it should be back first of November.

You can get -20% off on Estonian mineral makeup brand Ontic with code laura20!

Thanks for reading! xo's

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