Friday, 26 May 2017

Review: Joik Citrus Bath Truffles

Hi loves! I have been testing out Joik Citrus Bath Truffles (310g, 11.93 EUR). Joik is Estonian beauty brand and they make 100% natural bath, body and skincare products. You can read my previous review on them here.

These come in a box and all the truffles are packaged in individual squares. These are with lemon, orange, grapefruit essential oils and also contains nourishing cocoa butter. These all help to provide nourishment to the skin when your taking a bath.

I  use one truffle in the bath (which is recommended) and I usually don't add anything extra. I let it slowly melt in the bath water. This is not going to give you bubbles or chance the color of the water. This makes the bath water more oily and it made me feel so relaxed and my skin after the bath was so soft and hydrated. I didn't need to apply any moisturizer after the bath. I have very dry skin on my legs and it almost never happens with bath product that I don't need to moisturize my skin after bath.

These also smell so good citrusy, which I find is appropriate scent for the beginning of summer as its light and fruity. The scent is not over powering, which I like, because I can use my fragrance when I want to go out in the evening and the scent from the truffle doesn't effect my parfume scent.  

I really loved this one, but my all time favorite is still their white chocolate bath truffles (review), which are amazing! If you are interested in the citrus ones, you can find these on Douglas NL (link).

Which is your favorite bath product?

  Thanks for reading! xo's

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