Friday, 26 May 2017

Review: Joik Citrus Bath Truffles

Hi loves! I have been testing out Joik Citrus Bath Truffles (310g, 11.93 EUR). Joik is Estonian beauty brand and they make 100% natural bath, body and skincare products. You can read my previous review on them here.

These come in a box and all the truffles are packaged in individual squares. These are with lemon, orange, grapefruit essential oils and also contains nourishing cocoa butter. These all help to provide nourishment to the skin when your taking a bath.

I  use one truffle in the bath (which is recommended) and I usually don't add anything extra. I let it slowly melt in the bath water. This is not going to give you bubbles or chance the color of the water. This makes the bath water more oily and it made me feel so relaxed and my skin after the bath was so soft and hydrated. I didn't need to apply any moisturizer after the bath. I have very dry skin on my legs and it almost never happens with bath product that I don't need to moisturize my skin after bath.

These also smell so good citrusy, which I find is appropriate scent for the beginning of summer as its light and fruity. The scent is not over powering, which I like, because I can use my fragrance when I want to go out in the evening and the scent from the truffle doesn't effect my parfume scent.  

I really loved this one, but my all time favorite is still their white chocolate bath truffles (review), which are amazing! If you are interested in the citrus ones, you can find these on Douglas NL (link).

Which is your favorite bath product?

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Review: Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash

Hi loves! How are you all doing? I have been sick the past 3 days and still am, but I feel bit better and I'm able to blog :) Today's post is on Balance Me Super Moisturising Body Wash (200ml). The formula of it is richly hydrating and claims to be dry skin friendly.

The shower gel comes in a yellow squeeze tube (on their page I found only 280ml bottle, which comes with a pump) and I love the yellow packaging. It looks so happy :) Its easy to get the product out and the formula is with out parabens, sulphates, petroleum, mineral oils, silicones, dea, pegs propylene glycol, artificial fragrances and colors. It does have a herbal scent to it, which I personally like, but it took me sometime to get use to it.

How to use: Massage it onto wet skin and wash off. 

It doesn't dry my skin out like some other shower gels do. It leaves it hydrated, but I still need to moisturize my skin after shower, because its just not enough (I have very dry skin). It has been my goto shower gel, because how gentle it is to my skin and the herbal scent is so relaxing. I also like the texture of the body wash, its not too runny, more like proper gel.

I definetly will buy a new bottle after I finish this one and maybe try a new body wash as well :) I also like 99% of the ingredients are natural. If you are interested in this you can find it in bigger bottle on their pager (link).

Which is your favorite natural body wash?

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Friday, 12 May 2017

Beauty Haul: Ilu Sõnum

Hi loves! I picked up few amazing beauty items from Ilu Sõnum. Its a beauty fair, which takes place in Estonia twice year: spring and fall.

Lets jump in and the first thing I picked up is a love body butter from Olivolio Botanics and its their Donkey Milk Body Butter (review). Its for dry skin and makes my skin feel so hydrated and soft. I didn't expect to find it there, so it was a nice surprise.

Next I got MICA Beauty Makeup Perfecting Primer (30ml). It instantly makes the skin matte and smooth. It doesn't contain any parabens and if you didn't know before they do mineral makeup. I haven't tried their makeup before, but I do like some of their skincare items like the peeling gel (review) and the cleansing milk (review). I'm so excited to try their makeup base and I'll let you guys know how I like it :) Hopefully it will keep me matte all day, fingers crossed.

I ended up getting 2 skincare items from Premier and the first one is their Perfecting Eye Serum (30ml), I have very dry under eye area and I try this serum there on my hand and it made it so soft that I couldn't leave with out it. Their skincare is expensive, but I did get a free gift with it and I could choose between face serum or an eye cream. I picked their Prestige Concentrated Face Serum (50ml). Its so generous gift and I can't wait to start testing everything out. I also like the dark blue packaging.

The last two items I got, are from a new brand to me and it is -417. Its from Isreal and I got their Aromatic Body Peeling Kiwi & Mango (450g), which I could test out there on my hands and it made the skin so smooth. Another item I couldn't resist :D I also got from the same range their Aromatic Body Butter Kiwi & Mango (250ml) and this made my hands so soft. I got a free gift with the purchase, which is their Hand moisturizer (50ml). Its in perfect size for traveling. 

This is it for my little haul :) I'm so excited to try out the new goodies and I'm happy I found a new brand to try as well. It was a great trip :)

Have you tried any of these items?

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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Review: Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

Hi loves! Today's post is on Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder (5g, $4.40). Innisfree is a Korean beauty brand and they make natural beauty products. I got this powder in my Bomibox (its a beauty subscription box and contains full size kbeauty items).

The powder comes in a light green jar and has a sifter in it, so the powder wouldn't come out. It also came with a buff, but I like to use a brush more when applying my powder, so I tossed it.

The powder is with Jeju natural minerals and mint, which help with oil control. It also promises to control sebum, but I still get oily through out the day. I did notice when using it, my skin felt all day silky to the touch, even when I looked oily in the t-zone. It also didn't let my makeup brake up. I only needed to blot the skin and I my makeup looked fresh.

Another thing I like about this powder is the fact I can use it more ways then one. I can use it to prime my lids, set my makeup, use it after my skincare to control oiliness and also on my hair when its bit oily. It perfect for travel and it also helps the packaging is small ;)

I'm really happy with this powder. It handled my oily skin better then I expected. I haven't tried anything else from the brand and it was such a great introduction to the brand. Makes me wanna try more :)

If you are interested in this powder you can find it on RoseRoseShop, I'll leave the link here

Which is your must have powder?

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