Saturday, 29 April 2017

Review: Evelyn Iona Natural & Organic Lip Gloss | Lise

Hi loves! I have been loving Evelyn Iona Natural & Organic Lip Gloss in shade Lise ($21). I got it in a Style Tone box and I love the ingredients in it are natural and organic. Every item you buy from the brand $1 will be donated to YWCA Canada. Here is the link to their main page, if you wanna check it out. Also all their products are cruelty free.

The gloss comes in a clear tube and has a very standard applicator. It glides on easily and it has a sweet vanilla scent to it, which I love. I love all the ingredients in it are eatable, so I can just eat it up if I want :) It contains ingredients like bark extract, which tightens and plumps the lips and I have to say my lips do look lusher whenever I have worn this gloss. Also contains oregano, which acts as antioxidant, vitamin E is natural moisturizer. Coconut oil helps with signs of aging and shea butter helps the skin with healing and improves the look.

The shades I got in the Style Tone box is Lise and its beautiful! Its a pinky nude shade with golden flakes in it. It looks gorgeous all over the lips and pair it with a bronze eye look, even more. Its perfect shade for summer and I just like to wear it on its own. Its quit pigmented for a gloss and I like the formula of it is not sticky. It glides on lips easily and makes my lips look bigger and lusher. I'm so impressed with it and I know its going to be most worn gloss this summer :)

The staying power is typical for a gloss. It does stay on through out drinks, but does lose some of the shine. It comes completely off after having food. I don't mind the reapplying, because its so effortless.

I'm so impressed with the gloss! Unfortunately their products are not available in Europe. They do deliver to USA, Canada and Australia (link). This gloss is available on Style Tone webshop, if you are interested I'll link it here

Have you heard of this gloss before?

 Thanks for reading! xo's

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