Friday, 24 March 2017

Review: Joik Refreshing and Clarifying Green Tea & Peppermint Facial Mask

Hi loves! Today's post is on Joik Refreshing and Clarifying Green Tea & Peppermint Facial Mask (50g, 10.90€) and its suitable for normal and oily skin. Its 100% natural and thats why I like Joik products so much. 

The mask comes is a jar and is in powder form. It can be mixed with water, milk or herbal tea. The formula contains French green clay, which helps to dissolve impurities and excess oil. Its also great for the minimizing pores. Green tea firms the skin and helps to maintain skins elasticity. Peppermint helps to prevent clogged pores and also controls the secretion of excess oil. The milk powder in it soothes the skin and makes it soft.

I mix usually 2 tea spoons of the mask powder and the same amount of water, and you can also use milk or herbal tea, if you want. I mix it together and apply it on dry skin. I keep it on form 10 minutes usually, but it can be on up to 15 minutes. Its recommended to use once a week and I have been doing it. 

After 10 minutes I wash the mask off with warm water and I'm left with so smooth skin and it feels also softer. It doesn't irritate my skin in any way. With some mask, which are clarifying have made my skin red, but not this one. It also makes my pores look better and my skin overall look is much better. You can see the before & after picture down below.

I'm so happy I picked up this mask from Joik. I do have few other powder mask from them, which I'm so eager to start testing out. If you are interested in this mask I'll link it here and they do deliver world wide.

Which is your favorite natural beauty brand?

Thanks for reading! xo's


  1. Omy, this is something I definitely need right now! And it's made of green tea too! I love green tea ♥

  2. This sounds lovely, I really like products with peppermint! :)