Friday, 24 February 2017

Review: Ontic Minerals Eco-Glitter Powder

Hi loves! Today I have something amazing for you! Its glitter :D Ontic Minerals was kind enough to sen me their Eco-Glitter Powdera and I have shades Silver Twinkle, Strawberry Splash, Elf's Treat, Starburst, Pixie Dust, Raspberry Charm and Mermaids Dream (5g, 9.95 EUR). These are just so beautiful and sparkly! There is altogether 7 different shades available. These can be used on eyes, skin, lips and hair.

The glitters come in little jars and there is a sifter on all of them. These are surprisingly mess free to use. When It comes to loose shadows/glitters, I'm always afraid its messy, but the way their packaging is designed its not.

I have been using it with a NYX Glitter base, which I find is the only way to wear glitter. I wet my brush, pick up the glitter I like and pat it on the sticky base. These stayed all day on place and don't move around. 

The glitters are made of some kind of film, which comes from regenerated cellulose. These don't contain any ingredients, which are genetically modified and is not harmful to the ecosystem. These also are not tested on animals! 

Down below you can see swatches of everything and I did use NYX Glitter Base to swatch these on. Sticky base is must have whenever working with glitters. My favorite shade out of all of these is G06 Starburst. Its just so pretty and I feel like I can combine it with any eye look :) I also like G02 Mermaids Dream and G03 Pixie Dust.

Down below you can find a look wearing the Starburst in the middle of the lid. It just looks stunning and not at all too much ;)

I'm over the moon about these glitters! Thank you again Ontic Minerals for sending me these <3 I'll try to use more of the other shades as well and when I do I'll post the look in my Instagram (link). If you are interested checking out these beauties I'll link it here. But I think they don't ship outside of Estonia.

Do you like to wear glitter?

Thanks for reading! xo's


  1. I love wearing glitter but I find it so difficult to apply!

    1. so true. I have used NYX glitter base to apply these and it works wonderfully and makes applying it so much easier x