Monday, 12 December 2016

Review: Ontic Minerals Mineral Blush | P04 Girls Powder!

Hi loves! I have been wearing Ontic Minerals Mineral Blush in P04 Girls Powder! non stop (3g, 18.95 EUR). I like to wear it on its own and it looks gorgeous also mixed with other blushes ;) All together there is 6 different shades available on their page, which I'll link here.

The blush comes in a jar with a sifter, which makes applying it easier and also less messy. There is no way to close the sifter, so its definetly not ideal for traveling. Every time I have taken my loose powder with me when traveling it has been a mess. I wish companies would but something in it to close the sifter, so I could bring some of my favorite loose powders with me when traveling.

The blush is formulated with natural minerals and it doesn't contain any talc or other bad ingredients like parabens, mineral oils, gluten, fragrance, syntactical colorants, nanoparticles and phthalates. The blush is suitable for all skin types and the formula is vegan.

The formula of it feels very fine to the touch. It is richly pigmented and blends out like a dream. I find this blush to be interesting, because the shade can be build up when starting with light hand. I usually start that way when I wear it with other blushes. I like to combine it with matte blushes. Other times I go all out and it gives me light pink cheeks with the most gorgeous glow to it. Thats also why I like to mix it with my other blushes. It just looks so beautiful! 

I find it to be perfect shade for pale skin tone beauties. I feel with this blush I can never go over bored and even if I end up applying too much it still looks beautiful. I never have had a clown moment with it this blush. It just makes me want try out more from them.  

Another thing I like about this beauty is the finish. Its not shimmery and its not matte either. Is between the two and it just has this beautiful sheen to it. I can't explain it very well, but its the prettiest finish ever. I'm completely obsessed with it :)

When I go back to Estonia I definetly will add few more of their blushes in my collection and maybe some eye shadows as well. I do love mineral eye shadows. I feel in generally mineral makeup feels and looks better on my skin.

If you are interested in this beauty you can check it out on their page, which I'll link here.

Do you like mineral makeup?

Thanks for reading! xo's

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