Monday, 5 December 2016

Review: Lekkerineenpotje Strawberry & Lemon Lip Scrub

Hi loves! Today I have something great for you and you can say its a must have item this season, if you are fan of matte lipsticks ;) Its Lekkerineenpotje Strawberry & Lemon Lip Scrub (15ml, 6.95 EUR), which is natural and vegan.

The scrub comes in a little tin and it contains just enough product before it goes bad. That what happens with the Lush lip scrub. I guess I should scrub my lips more often.

The lip scrub is with granulated organic sugar and also contains vitamin E. It has a lovely lemon scent, which is so fresh and absolutely delicious :)

I like to use it in the mornings before I do my makeup. Its perfect when my lips are chipped. It makes my lips smooth and soft. I apply bit of the product on wet lips and massage my lips with it. I personally feel like my lips are slightly bigger when I use it, but you can see the before and after picture down below.

I'm so happy I got it in Style Tone box and to be honest I can't wait to try more from the brand. They have very yummy looking body scrubs available :D If you are interested in this lip scrub you can check it out here.

Which is your favorite lip scrub?

Thanks for reading! xo's


  1. the lip scrub sounds lovely, especially the scent!


  2. Oh looks nice! I love scarbs esp for lips! I have a bad habit of biting them.

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