Monday, 21 November 2016

Review: Korres Volcanic Minerals Long Lasting Eyeliner

Hi loves! This week I have for you two liners from Korres and its their Volcanic Minerals Long Lasting Eyeliner (1.2g). I picked these up when I was in Brussels and there is Korres store. It was so hard to pick anything, because how big the choice was.

Both come in pencil form and I do need to sharpen, which is not my favorite thing to do. There is 6 different shades available and I have 04 Purple and 05 Olive Green. These are very creamy liners and also pigmented. The colors are rich and deep and both liners bring out my eye color better. I like to wear these on my lower waterline. 

The key ingredients are natural lipids (Ceramides) and volcanic minerals. Ceramides make a great barrier against moisture loss and it helps to protect and repair sensitive and dry skin. The liner also contains beeswax and pearls powder

The formula is free off parabens, mineral oil, silicon and ethanolamine.

These glide on so easily and are deep, but still have purple and green to it. The Olive Green has some gold shimmer to it, which looks absolutely beautiful. These are also easy to blend out, if I want to go for smokey eye look. I still can't believe how easy it is to apply these. It glides on like butter and there is no pulling the skin on the lid. I'm so impressed with the formula!

These are long lasting, but not waterproof liners. I do need to reapply it in the evening on the waterline, if I would go out. It does wear off, not completely, but I want more vivid look, so I would reapply it. If I don't rub my eyes these do stay put through out the day on the lid.

Overall I'm happy, I don't mind reapplying through out the day, because how easily it applies. Also the colors are beautiful and deep.

If you are interest you can check it out on their page here.

Which is your favorite eyeliner?

Thanks for reading! xo's

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