Monday, 28 November 2016

Review: Gilda Cosmetic 24H Cream

Hi loves! Today I have for you guys Gilda Cosmetic 24H Cream (50ml). It comes in airless bottle and has a pump. I love skincare items and really all beauty products which comes with a pump.

The ingredients are 90%-100% natural in their products. Its formulated with Allantion and Bisabolol, which sooth the skin and and calm it. Vitamin E and B5 nourishes the skin and strengthens the skin barrier and also provides protection. Mediterranean Scualane and Tamarind extract, which provide hydration through out the day. The formula doesn't contain any fragrance, so all beauties can use it.

It can be used as day cram and night cream. I have been using it mornings and evenings after toner and serum. The formula of it feels light weight and it sinks into the skin fast, leaving it matte looking, but soft and hydrated at the same time.

I have used up most of the cream, I think I have quarter left. I do like the formula and how fast it sinks in and also it doesn't leave my skin creasy. I got it in on of the Style Tone boxes, so I'm not sure where I could purchase it. Its available on their web shop, but its all in Swedish and the price of the cream is around 58 EUR. I think they do ship to other countries. If you want you can check out the English page here. You can find the product description there and full list of ingredients. For purchase you can check out their other page here, which is in Swedish.

What moisturizer do you use at them moment?

Thanks for reading! xo's

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