Monday, 14 November 2016

Review: Gaia Cosmetics Eyeshadow | Brown Sugar

Hi loves! Hope you have all been doing good! Today I have another great eye shadow to share with you. Its Gaia Cosmetics Eyeshadow in shade Brown Sugar (1.2g, 3.95EUR). Its an loose eyeshadow and it comes in a little jar with shifter on it.

Loose eye shadows can be messy to use, but with this I didn't create as big mess as I thought I would. I used this gem all over the lid, because its shimmery bronze and it looks so pretty and metallic (specially when I apply it with wet brush).

It can be used as a highlighter when applied with fan brush and also can be used in nail polish or mixed in with your favorite lip balm. I haven't used it that way, I have kept it just on eyes, but I want to try it as an highlighter. I'll let you guys know how it will work out for me in the future.

On the picture above you can see the swatch and I did apply it with a wet brush, because that's how I have been wearing it and also its easier to swatch it that way. As you can see its gorgeous, pigmented shadow, which lasts on me all day with out fading or creasing (I always wear primer under my eye look).

I'm really happy with the quality and the performance of this eyeshadow and I'm definetly going to order more of their shadows. I have been lately on the loose eyeshadow kick and I love it :D 

You can check out their page here for this eyeshadow and other products on their page.

Do you like loose pigments/eyeshadows?

Thanks for reading! xo's


  1. Beautiful color!

  2. That eye shadow looks amazing! I love the colour, I would probably use it as a highlighter too


  3. The shade is gorgeous and so pigmented! Love it!