Monday, 24 October 2016

Review: Starskin VIP The Gold Revitalizing Luxury Bio Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask

Hi loves! How are you all doing? Last week I posted a little beauty haul, if you haven't seen it I'll link it here. Today I have a Starskin The Gold Revitalizing Luxury Bio Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask (30ml,  £12.50) review. Its a sheet mask, which promises to revitalize and refresh the skin. Its made in Korea.

The mask is one time use only and contains 30 ml serum, so the mask is richly covered with the serum. It contains Ginkogo, Evening Primrose and Kuzu Root, which helps to smooth and hydrate the skin. Avocado Oil also provides moisture and deeply nourishes the skin. Its suitable for all skin types, but beauties with dry skin will specially like it, because it contains Fermented Coconut Juice, which instantly hydrates dry skin.  

Before using the mask I cleansed my skin and used a toner. After that I applied it on the skin. The mask comes between two sheets, because it is very thin. It makes applying the mask so much easier. I kept it on 20 minutes, but you can keep it 15 minutes as well.

After that I removed the mask and pat in the extra serum left on my skin. I continued with my skincare routine and applied my day cream. I did notice my skin was sticky after removing the mask and after applying the day cream. It took some time for the sticky feeling to go away.  

The mask is perfect for everyone who wants some nourishment to their skin. Its so hydrating and my skin felt so nourished, smooth and plumped after using it. It feels like my skin was starving before I used this mask. It makes my skin feel so nice like I drink 2 liters of water everyday. 

On the picture below you can see before and after pictures. You can really see how well it brightened my skin tone :)

I'm so happy I picked it up! I just can't believe how long I took me to put it on the test. Its a perfect pamper item and something I definetly repurchase, because winter is coming ;)

If you are interested its available on Beauty bay and they do deliver all over the world. I'll link it here.

  Which is your favorite Starskin mask?

Thanks for reading! xo's