Monday, 11 April 2016

Review: Figs & Rouge Hand Creams

Hi loves! I don't know about you, but my hands are getting dry all year round. I'm happy to share 2 hand creams in my life from Figs & Rouge and these are with Mango Mandarine (20 ml) and Rose Berry (20 ml). I got mine in a Style Tone box and these are in perfect size to keep in my handbag :)

These come in a squeeze tube and its easy to get out the product. I do love the fun and colorful packaging these have, reminds me of summer.

These are natural and made in the UK. Both creams are with shea butter and also contain fragrance. The Mango Mandarin smells stronger and the scent is sweeter as well. Rose Berry has sweet scent, but not as strong and some reason its my favorite out of them.

The formula of both creams is light weight and sinks into the skin easily. These leave my hands soft, hydrated and pampered. 

The full size of these is 80 ml and is around 10 EUR, which is reasonable price for such a delicious hand cream ;) I absolutely love these mini hand creams, which are so handy to have on the go.

Which is your favorite hand cream? 

Thnaks for reading! xo's


  1. My favourite hand cream is by Soap and Glory! x

  2. The mango mandarin sounds lovely - I would be constantly smelling my hands. I bet it's a lovely blend of citrus. Stephen

  3. I have not tried anything from this brand in such a long time! my go to hand cream is from Garner and does the trick! xxx

  4. I am a hand cream hoarder in the winter but don't really use any in spring and favorite is from Vaseline