Saturday, 31 December 2016

Top 10 Most Read Post in 2016

Hi loves! Its the last day of the year and it means, its time to share my top 10 most read posts in 2016 :)

  • Ontic Minerals Pearl Highlighter (review) - its the first product I have tried from the brand and I just loved it. Its a beautiful highlighter and is perfect for day to day wear.
  • Earth Kiss Clean Up Mud Mask (review) - is one time use and is perfect to take with me when traveling. I really do love their masks :) So handy to have!
  • Korres Pomegranate Moisturizing Cream-Gel (review) -  is perfect for oily skin. I used it this summer it was great, definetly something I'll repurchase next summer ;)
  • Ontic Minerals Mineral Eyeshadows in E24 Mamma Cholly and E38 Best Friends Forever (review) - these are so pigmented shadows and its easy to use. I just love the formula and how easy it is to blend these out.
  • Aïcha Anti-Agin Cream (review) - is a wonderful cream and I love to use it also as my primer. It sinks into the skin fast, hydrates it well, but leaves the skin looking matte.
  • Gaia Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Brown Sugar (review) - is a gorgeous shimmery shade. I love how pretty it looks allover the lid and I also have been using it as a highlighter.
  • Peony Pink Glow Luminizing Stick (review) - is a cream highlighter, which looks beautiful on cheek bones. Its easy to blend it out and it looks absolutely beautiful!
  • Joik Bronzing Dry Bodyoil (review) -  is a gorgeous product! It gives the skin lovely glow and does bit of bronzing. It is my most used product on summer!
  • Starskin Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Facial Mask (review) - is perfect for day's when my skin needs extra hydration and these kind of masks are also great for traveling.
  • Olivia Beauty & Olive Tree Shower Gel (review) - is so gentle to the skin. I absolutely love it and I need to pick up some more, because this shower gel doesn't dry out my skin.

This is it for this post :) I do hope you enjoyed taking look of my most read posts in 2016. I love to read these kind of posts and also put together. This is the fist this kind of post for this blog, but I did one for my other blog last year, which you can check out here.

Happy New Years Eve!

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Review: Aïcha Pure Organic Extra Virgin Argan Oil

Hi loves! This week I have for you guys amazing product which can be used so many ways and I had it with me when I was in Rome. I'm talking about Aïcha Pure Organic Extra Virgin Argan Oil (50ml, 34.95 EUR).

The packaging as usual is beautiful and stunning! It also comes with a pump, which makes it super easy to use and it pumps out just right amount of product. I love I can use it on my hair, hydrate my skin and it also melts away all my makeup. 

Its 100% extra virgin argan oil and sinks into the skin fast and the formula of it is more to the runny side. I like to use it mostly to remove my eye makeup, which is stubborn and doesn't come off easily, specially when I wear smudge proof liner. I like how soft and hydrated my eye area feels after using it. Its also great to moisturize my skin. I like to use it on my hands and legs when I need extra hydration boost.

Its also great to use on hair. It instantly hydrates the hair and tames the frizz, which is constant battle for me. It also gives my hair lovely shine.

I got it as part of my birthday gift from my mom and this oil has been wonderful! Its specially great to have with me when traveling. I love how fast it sinks into the skin and I can use it so many ways.

If you are interested I'll link the magical oil here and they do ship worldwide.

What do you think of beauty oils?

Thanks for reading! xo's

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Monday, 12 December 2016

Review: Ontic Minerals Mineral Blush | P04 Girls Powder!

Hi loves! I have been wearing Ontic Minerals Mineral Blush in P04 Girls Powder! non stop (3g, 18.95 EUR). I like to wear it on its own and it looks gorgeous also mixed with other blushes ;) All together there is 6 different shades available on their page, which I'll link here.

The blush comes in a jar with a sifter, which makes applying it easier and also less messy. There is no way to close the sifter, so its definetly not ideal for traveling. Every time I have taken my loose powder with me when traveling it has been a mess. I wish companies would but something in it to close the sifter, so I could bring some of my favorite loose powders with me when traveling.

The blush is formulated with natural minerals and it doesn't contain any talc or other bad ingredients like parabens, mineral oils, gluten, fragrance, syntactical colorants, nanoparticles and phthalates. The blush is suitable for all skin types and the formula is vegan.

The formula of it feels very fine to the touch. It is richly pigmented and blends out like a dream. I find this blush to be interesting, because the shade can be build up when starting with light hand. I usually start that way when I wear it with other blushes. I like to combine it with matte blushes. Other times I go all out and it gives me light pink cheeks with the most gorgeous glow to it. Thats also why I like to mix it with my other blushes. It just looks so beautiful! 

I find it to be perfect shade for pale skin tone beauties. I feel with this blush I can never go over bored and even if I end up applying too much it still looks beautiful. I never have had a clown moment with it this blush. It just makes me want try out more from them.  

Another thing I like about this beauty is the finish. Its not shimmery and its not matte either. Is between the two and it just has this beautiful sheen to it. I can't explain it very well, but its the prettiest finish ever. I'm completely obsessed with it :)

When I go back to Estonia I definetly will add few more of their blushes in my collection and maybe some eye shadows as well. I do love mineral eye shadows. I feel in generally mineral makeup feels and looks better on my skin.

If you are interested in this beauty you can check it out on their page, which I'll link here.

Do you like mineral makeup?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Monday, 5 December 2016

Review: Lekkerineenpotje Strawberry & Lemon Lip Scrub

Hi loves! Today I have something great for you and you can say its a must have item this season, if you are fan of matte lipsticks ;) Its Lekkerineenpotje Strawberry & Lemon Lip Scrub (15ml, 6.95 EUR), which is natural and vegan.

The scrub comes in a little tin and it contains just enough product before it goes bad. That what happens with the Lush lip scrub. I guess I should scrub my lips more often.

The lip scrub is with granulated organic sugar and also contains vitamin E. It has a lovely lemon scent, which is so fresh and absolutely delicious :)

I like to use it in the mornings before I do my makeup. Its perfect when my lips are chipped. It makes my lips smooth and soft. I apply bit of the product on wet lips and massage my lips with it. I personally feel like my lips are slightly bigger when I use it, but you can see the before and after picture down below.

I'm so happy I got it in Style Tone box and to be honest I can't wait to try more from the brand. They have very yummy looking body scrubs available :D If you are interested in this lip scrub you can check it out here.

Which is your favorite lip scrub?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Monday, 28 November 2016

Review: Gilda Cosmetic 24H Cream

Hi loves! Today I have for you guys Gilda Cosmetic 24H Cream (50ml). It comes in airless bottle and has a pump. I love skincare items and really all beauty products which comes with a pump.

The ingredients are 90%-100% natural in their products. Its formulated with Allantion and Bisabolol, which sooth the skin and and calm it. Vitamin E and B5 nourishes the skin and strengthens the skin barrier and also provides protection. Mediterranean Scualane and Tamarind extract, which provide hydration through out the day. The formula doesn't contain any fragrance, so all beauties can use it.

It can be used as day cram and night cream. I have been using it mornings and evenings after toner and serum. The formula of it feels light weight and it sinks into the skin fast, leaving it matte looking, but soft and hydrated at the same time.

I have used up most of the cream, I think I have quarter left. I do like the formula and how fast it sinks in and also it doesn't leave my skin creasy. I got it in on of the Style Tone boxes, so I'm not sure where I could purchase it. Its available on their web shop, but its all in Swedish and the price of the cream is around 58 EUR. I think they do ship to other countries. If you want you can check out the English page here. You can find the product description there and full list of ingredients. For purchase you can check out their other page here, which is in Swedish.

What moisturizer do you use at them moment?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Monday, 21 November 2016

Review: Korres Volcanic Minerals Long Lasting Eyeliner

Hi loves! This week I have for you two liners from Korres and its their Volcanic Minerals Long Lasting Eyeliner (1.2g). I picked these up when I was in Brussels and there is Korres store. It was so hard to pick anything, because how big the choice was.

Both come in pencil form and I do need to sharpen, which is not my favorite thing to do. There is 6 different shades available and I have 04 Purple and 05 Olive Green. These are very creamy liners and also pigmented. The colors are rich and deep and both liners bring out my eye color better. I like to wear these on my lower waterline. 

The key ingredients are natural lipids (Ceramides) and volcanic minerals. Ceramides make a great barrier against moisture loss and it helps to protect and repair sensitive and dry skin. The liner also contains beeswax and pearls powder

The formula is free off parabens, mineral oil, silicon and ethanolamine.

These glide on so easily and are deep, but still have purple and green to it. The Olive Green has some gold shimmer to it, which looks absolutely beautiful. These are also easy to blend out, if I want to go for smokey eye look. I still can't believe how easy it is to apply these. It glides on like butter and there is no pulling the skin on the lid. I'm so impressed with the formula!

These are long lasting, but not waterproof liners. I do need to reapply it in the evening on the waterline, if I would go out. It does wear off, not completely, but I want more vivid look, so I would reapply it. If I don't rub my eyes these do stay put through out the day on the lid.

Overall I'm happy, I don't mind reapplying through out the day, because how easily it applies. Also the colors are beautiful and deep.

If you are interest you can check it out on their page here.

Which is your favorite eyeliner?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Monday, 14 November 2016

Review: Gaia Cosmetics Eyeshadow | Brown Sugar

Hi loves! Hope you have all been doing good! Today I have another great eye shadow to share with you. Its Gaia Cosmetics Eyeshadow in shade Brown Sugar (1.2g, 3.95EUR). Its an loose eyeshadow and it comes in a little jar with shifter on it.

Loose eye shadows can be messy to use, but with this I didn't create as big mess as I thought I would. I used this gem all over the lid, because its shimmery bronze and it looks so pretty and metallic (specially when I apply it with wet brush).

It can be used as a highlighter when applied with fan brush and also can be used in nail polish or mixed in with your favorite lip balm. I haven't used it that way, I have kept it just on eyes, but I want to try it as an highlighter. I'll let you guys know how it will work out for me in the future.

On the picture above you can see the swatch and I did apply it with a wet brush, because that's how I have been wearing it and also its easier to swatch it that way. As you can see its gorgeous, pigmented shadow, which lasts on me all day with out fading or creasing (I always wear primer under my eye look).

I'm really happy with the quality and the performance of this eyeshadow and I'm definetly going to order more of their shadows. I have been lately on the loose eyeshadow kick and I love it :D 

You can check out their page here for this eyeshadow and other products on their page.

Do you like loose pigments/eyeshadows?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Monday, 7 November 2016

Review: Vestige Verdant Infinity Eye Serum

Hi loves! Today I have for you Vestige Verdant Infinity Eye Serum (20 ml, 49 EUR). Its an Estonian brand and their products are natural and also organic.

I was so excited to try this brand out :) The serum comes in a plastic tube and has a metal applicator to apply the product. I like the applicator part and its perfect when ever my under eyes are bit puffy. Other then that I don't like anything about the packaging. I do like the outside design, its clean and stylish. Now to get the product out I need to pump it out and it shoots it God know where. I have to put my finger in front of it so I actually can use the product. I find it so annoying! If you design something and ask so much money, it should be user friendly. I would have liked it to be in a squeeze tube , so I can squeeze the product out.

This serum fits all skin types and the formula feels light weight and it sinks into the skin fast. Its great, because whenever I pump out the serum and I do try to get out few as possible of the product, its still too much. I also don't like the packaging because I end up waisting this precious serum.

I have bee using it now over a month and I do like it. It contains bioactive Flavonoid Glycosides, Cherry Extract and Vitamin C, and these all help elasticity production and  natural collagen boosts provides de-buffing effect.

It claims to reduce dark circles and improves skin texture. Also reduces wrinkles, fine lines and tightens everything. It also provides hydration for my under eye area. It does deal with my fine lines really well and its also tightening.  

I think the serum itself is amazing! Now I will not repurchase it till they fix the packaging. I just can't deal with it and its not like it has a low price tag. Other then that its fantastic serum and I also like how it smells ;)

If you want to check out this serum or any of their other product, you can do it here.

Have you ever tried this serum before or any of their other products?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Monday, 31 October 2016

Review: Ontic Minerals Mineral Eyeshadow | Mamma Cholly, Best Friends Forever

Hi loves! I have been obsessing over Ontic Minerals eyeshadows so much and have worked at least one of the shadows in my every eye look. I have two shade E24 Mamma Cholly and E38 Best Friends Forever (9.95).

The shadows comes in a little jars and have shifter on it, which doesn't let the product come out. These are surprisingly fuss free to use. 

These are both so pigmented and shimmery. These work well together with other powder eyeshadows and on me these lasted so long without fading or loosing the color (I always wear eyeshadow primer under any eye look I do). 

  • E24 Mamma Cholly - is a red brown eye shadow with hint of orange peachiness to it. Its not too shimmery shadow, but there is gold glitter in it. I love using it in the crease.
  • E38 Best Friends Forever - is a cream shade shadow with golden sheen to it. I love using it in the inner corner of the eye. Its so pretty shade!

These have been amazing shadows and down below you can see an eye look I did using both of the shades. I use the darker one E24 in the crease and the E38 to highlight the inner corner of the eye.

I'm so obsessed with these shadows and I can't wait to pick up more from them. If you missed the previous review I did on their highlighter, I'll link it here. Its also amazing ;)

You can check out their full eye shadow selection here and if you are in Estonia, you can also place an order there.

Do you like mineral eye shadows?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Monday, 24 October 2016

Review: Starskin VIP The Gold Revitalizing Luxury Bio Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask

Hi loves! How are you all doing? Last week I posted a little beauty haul, if you haven't seen it I'll link it here. Today I have a Starskin The Gold Revitalizing Luxury Bio Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask (30ml,  £12.50) review. Its a sheet mask, which promises to revitalize and refresh the skin. Its made in Korea.

The mask is one time use only and contains 30 ml serum, so the mask is richly covered with the serum. It contains Ginkogo, Evening Primrose and Kuzu Root, which helps to smooth and hydrate the skin. Avocado Oil also provides moisture and deeply nourishes the skin. Its suitable for all skin types, but beauties with dry skin will specially like it, because it contains Fermented Coconut Juice, which instantly hydrates dry skin.  

Before using the mask I cleansed my skin and used a toner. After that I applied it on the skin. The mask comes between two sheets, because it is very thin. It makes applying the mask so much easier. I kept it on 20 minutes, but you can keep it 15 minutes as well.

After that I removed the mask and pat in the extra serum left on my skin. I continued with my skincare routine and applied my day cream. I did notice my skin was sticky after removing the mask and after applying the day cream. It took some time for the sticky feeling to go away.  

The mask is perfect for everyone who wants some nourishment to their skin. Its so hydrating and my skin felt so nourished, smooth and plumped after using it. It feels like my skin was starving before I used this mask. It makes my skin feel so nice like I drink 2 liters of water everyday. 

On the picture below you can see before and after pictures. You can really see how well it brightened my skin tone :)

I'm so happy I picked it up! I just can't believe how long I took me to put it on the test. Its a perfect pamper item and something I definetly repurchase, because winter is coming ;)

If you are interested its available on Beauty bay and they do deliver all over the world. I'll link it here.

  Which is your favorite Starskin mask?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Beauty Haul: Ontic Minerals, Joik, balance me

Hi loves! This week I have for you little haul, which contains bit of makeup and body care items :) When I visited Estonia, I did ended up getting some mineral makeup from brand called Ontic Minerals. I loved the highlighter from them so much (review), that I wanted to try more. So first I picked up their Mineral Blush in shade P04 Girls Powder (3 g). The shade of it looks so pretty and is perfect for pale skin tone, like mine (the swatches of everything is down below).

Then I did got two of their Mineral Eyeshadows and I picked up shades E24 Mamma Cholly and E38 Best Friends Forever (2 g). Mineral eyeshadow can be sometimes messy to use, but there is something about it. I feel mineral makeup always offers more interesting shades, when it comes to eyeshadow. The first shade I picked up is E24 and its warm red orange shade, which will be perfect for this time of the year. The other eyeshadow, E38  is almost white, but more to the cream side and has beautiful golden sheen to it.

R to L: Eye shadow shades E38, E24, Mineral Veil, Mineral Blush

The last item I got from them is their Mineral Veil and its in shade R2 Translucent (6 g). Its a setting powder and it does have some sheen to it, so It would be perfect for setting my under eye area. On the swatch I build it up a lot, so you guys would be able to see how it looks. 

I also got Joik Citrus Bath Truffles (310 g), which where in my wishlist, I'll link it here, if you haven't seen it yet. I was thinking these would smell more citrus, but the scent of it is not strong at all, which in away is better I guess. I bet the scent of it comes out more, once I use it in my bath water. 

The last item in this haul is something I picked up in TK Maxx and its balance me Super Moisturising Body Wash (200 ml). I was sold on the moisturizing part, because this time of the year my skin is getting dryer and hot shower is not helping either, so using more hydrating body wash seems the way to go and 99% ingredients in it are natural.  

This is it for this haul :) Have you guys tried any of these products before? If you have, let me know in the comments how you liked these. Also there is a giveaway going on my other blog, which you can check out here

Thanks for reading! xo's

Monday, 10 October 2016

Review: Seraphine Botanicals Rose Cheeks

Hi loves! In August Style Tone box I got Seraphine Botanicals Rose Cheeks (10 ml, $20.00), which can be used on the cheeks and also on the lips. If you don't follow my other blog and haven't seen that post, you can check out the unboxing post of Style Tone box here.

The tint comes in a squeeze tube and is easy to get out as much as I need. With this a little bit does go along way, so I don't need to squeeze out too much product.

It contains 95% ingredients natural origins and is formulated with watermelon seed oil and ylang-ylang oil. It provides natural flush to the cheeks, which stayed on me all day. I absolutely love the gel texture of it and its not tested on animals. The formula is also vegan and GMO free.

It feels so light weight and its easy to blend out. I like I don't need much and I like the shade of it. Its leaves my cheeks with healthy flush, which I would get being outside on cold winter day. 

I also tried it out on lips, but it didn't last that long on my lips. It did felt hydrating on lips, which surprised me, as tints hardly ever feel hydrating. It also gives really nice rosy color to the lips.

It does contain fragrance and has a lovely rosy scent to it. I only smell it when I put my nose really close to the tube. Other then that I don't smell it. It hasn't caused me to brake out or irritated my skin.

I'm so happy I ended up getting this tint in the Style Tone box and its so fuss free to use and it stays on my cheeks all day.

If you are interested in this gem, you can check it out here.

Which is your favorite tint?

Thanks for reading1 xo's

Monday, 3 October 2016

Review: Olivolio Botanics Donkey Milk Extra moisturizing Body Butter

Hi loves! The colder weather is here and I'm all about body butters. I have dry skin (except my face) and I need all the hydration I can get. I have been loving Olivolio Botanics Donkey Milk Extra moisturizing Body Butter (250 ml, 14.90 EUR) and I got it when I was in Greece. You can read that post here.

The body butter comes in a chubby jar and the formula of it is very thick. I always want to see everything in packaging, which allows me to pump the product out, but in this case it wouldn't be possible. This body butter is way too thick for the pump. 

Its rich with vitamins A, B, C, D and E, its a great anti-aging treatment. This body butter hydrates, regenerates and renews the skin. Its not tested on animals and is free of mineral oils, parabens and is made in Grease.

Like I mentioned before the formula is very thick and it takes sometime to skin into the skin. It doesn't take too long time though. I like how light it feels, like its wiped. It instantly hydrates my skin and leaves my skin soft and smooth. There is no sticky feel to it once it sinks into the skin. I feel like it makes my skin also feel thither and I feel like my skin doesn't get so fast dry as it does with other body butters I have used in the past.

I have really fell in love with this product. I love the wiped formula and how well it hydrates my skin. It has been absolute pleasure to use. I was worried, if I can find it here, but i did manage to find the page where they ship all over the world. You can find it here.

Which is your favorite body butter?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Monday, 26 September 2016

Review: Natura Siberica Sauna & Spa Slimming Hot Salt Body Scrub

Hi loves! I'm a huge fan of body scrubs and Natura Siberica does some great ones. I have been liking their Sauna & Spa Slimming Hot Salt Body Scrub (370 ml) and I picked it up in Estonia. I'm not suer how much I payed for it, but it wasn't too expensive. I don't remember how much I payed for it, but it wasn't over 20 EUR. Their products are more to affordable side. 

This is anti-cellulite body scrub, which contains organic juniper extract, Siberian rapa salt, fireweed and Altai mountain honey

The organic juniper extract contains resins, fatty oils, vegetable wax, organic acids, colorants and is rich with vitamin C. These all help to make the skin more elastic and firmer.

Siberian rapa salt contains lot of macro- and micro-elements, and these help to boost the immunity and regenerate the skin cells. It also sustains skin elasticity and firmness. The salt part help to exfoliate the dry skin cells and even out the skin texture.

The organic green tea helps detoxes, cleanses deeply and also tones the skin. 

The Altai mountain honey is rich with mineral salts and vitamins A, C, PP, H, E, K and B group. These help to  activate collagen synthesis.

This body scrub comes in a chubby jar and I do need to scoop out the product. The formula of it is to the thicker side and I don't think it could be possible to get out in any other packaging. Its so thick! It has very strong fresh herbal scent, which I like (Specially when my nose is bit stuck. Opens it up right away).

I use it under shower when my skin is wet. I like to use it on my legs mostly, but it can be used wherever you have problem arias. I like the formula has salt parts in it, which help to scrub the skin throughly and leave it so smooth and firm.

I personally don't believe it will take my cellulite away, but it does wonders to my skin. It leaves it soft and smooth, also firmer. My skin always looks healthier after I have used it. I can't be more pleased and I'm so happy I have another body scrub from them, which waits to be tested.

If you are interested in it, I did find it on Amazon and I'll link it here.

Which is your favorite natural body scrub?

Thanks for reading! xo's

Monday, 19 September 2016

Review: Turbliss Bioactive Peat Toner

Hi loves! Like I said last week today's post is on Turbliss Bioactive Peat Toner (100 ml). If you haven't seen the last week's post you can check it out here. The Turbliss toner is vegan, hand made and 100% natural.

The toner comes in a glass bottle and has a spray and I use it to spray it on a cotton pad and then use it on my face morning and evening (after cleansing). 

Its 100% pure peat water, which claim to cleanse, refresh, revitalize and tones the skin. It also claims to minimize the pores and also even out the skin tone.

It definetly feels refreshing and cleanses the skin for sure. If I have any traces of makeup left on my skin, it removes it. 

I feel like it did make my pores smaller, but my skin is not in the best condition at the moment. Some reason I'm braking out and usually its the toner that keeps my skin clear. It just how I personally feel. 

I thinks its a great product, but my skin needs something different. I have oily skin type and I feel like I need something bit stronger to keep my skin clear. I have used up most of it and I will use it all up, but I don't think I'll buy it again. I'm still happy I bought it and tried out.

which is your favorite toner?

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, 12 September 2016

Wishlist: Estonian Beauty

Hi loves! I haven't lived in Estonia for sometime now (around 7 years) and in Estonia lately there is so many natural beauty brands and I want to try everything :D So here is my wishlist at the moment!

Lets start out with Joik and I have reviewed few of their products on my blog before. I have tried their their bath products, which you can read about here and here. I have my eye on their Citrus Bath Truffles (310 g, 12,00 €, link).

This pictures is from

I can imagine how refreshing this will smell. I love citrus scent on bath and body products. This is suitable for dry skin, which is exactly what my skin will need upcoming season. I love colder months to take bath, I find it so relaxing.

Next Joik item in my list is their Shower Oil Fresh (200 ml, 15,73 €, link). The name already makes me want to try it and it claims to wash gently and thats what my skin will need upcoming season. Its with avocado and grape seed oil, which sounds like it will be so moisturizing to the skin. 
This picture is from

This picture is from

Next is their Cleansing Facial Foam with Cucumber & Watercress Extracts & Aloe Juice (150 ml, 18,50 €, link). I like foam cleansers, because on colder months they seem more gentle on the skin. It claims to balance and restore the skin.

I'm trying out at the moment Turbliss toner, which I'll talk about next week, but I do have other products I would love to try from them, like their Illuminating Peat Water with 24K Gold (100 ml, link). I like it can be used on face and hair. 

This picture is from

This picture is from

I'm in love with body oils. I feel body oils sink into the skin so much faster then butters and instantly hydrate the skin. I can't wait to get my hands on Turbliss Firming and Enlivening Body Oil (link). Its 100% natural and when applied to damp skin, it claims to sink in fast. The packaging looks cute too :)

The last item from them on my wishlist is their Magical Berry Oil (10ml, link). It contains vitamin E and A, and is for 30+. I'm in love with facial oils and its a must have step in my skincare routine. I like this is suitable to use around eyes and lips as well.

The picture is from

This is it for my wishlist :) Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know in the comments below if you have and whats your thoughts.

Thanks for reading! xo's